Geotech Bladder Pump with Geocontrol Pro

Geotech Bladder Pump with Geocontrol Pro

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Geotech’s portable bladder pumps are designed with input from field technicians who actually do the sampling!

Single turn release head and quick change bladders allow for quick, in-the-field bladder changes and easy decontamination. Custom hose barbs allow the pump to be secured to tubing without the need for tubing clamps.

The Geocontrol Pro is a lightweight bladder pump Controller with a built-in high performance air Compressor. Use with a 12 Volt battery and Bladder Pump to purge or sample monitoring wells to depths of 180 feet.

  • Compact and Portable - 9 lb. (4 kg)
  • Built-in reverse polarity protection
  • Push/Pull tubing fitting for easy tubing change